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5 Reasons to get Plantation Shutters

5 Reasons to get Plantation Shutters


Home is where our hearts are, the central part of our lives where we build families, relax and create memories. As a shutter company, Wirral Plantation Shutters has been supplying and installing high-quality plantation shutters in homes throughout Cheshire, Lancashire and Greater Manchester for over 15 years.

We are proud to have helped many homeowners enhance their homes with bespoke window shutters. No matter the shape, size or style of your windows, we can help you find a shutter-style to suit your home needs and interior design. In this post, we are going to discuss with you 5 reasons why you should get Plantation Shutters in your home.

triangle shaped plantation shutters North West Shutters

1) Wooden Shutters are bespoke so will fit any window size and shape.

All of our Plantation Shutters at Wirral Plantation Shutters are made to measure for your home. Measuring shutters expertly for your windows and discussing with you the ranges best suited for you and your home during one of our free home consultations. Being your local Shutter company in Cheshire, we are able to design and install shutter blinds to dress windows of any shape, our most popular window shapes being arched, circular and triangular.

Our most popular range of shaped shutters is our triangular shutters, commonly used in roof extensions.

2) Plantation Shutters increase the value of your home

As wooden shutters are a permanent fixture they become part of your homes ‘structure’ and increase the value of your home. Having the shutters installed means you or any future tenant will never have to worry about the window dressing again as the shutters are designed to last at least 25 years, as long as they are cared for and handled with care.

Wooden Shutters are actually rather easy to look after, we always suggest using microfibre cloths to pick up dust and then hoovering under the window to stop the dust floating back up. Never use household cleaning products as these can break down the protective UV treatment on the shutters.

Homes with bay window shutters are a popular choice among young homeowners, many new homeowners like homes that have shutters.

3) Window Shutters can increase the security of your home

Protect your home from break in’s with full height shutters on your ground floor windows such as the dining room and living room windows. Louvred Shutters create an additional obstacle that deters thieves from attempting to get into your home. As our ranged are hardwood and poly PVC, the shutters wouldn’t be able to create quite the noise and delay on someone attempting to climb through your windows. To increase the security in further you can also upgrade to key and lock shutters, these are very popular on kitchen windows.

4) Long term savings on your energy bills!

Wood is a natural insulator due to air pockets within its cellular structure, this means our hardwood shutters, particularly our basswood range, is able to absorb heat and radiate it back into your home, reducing the time needed to have your heating on in the winter, and we know how chilly it can get in the North West! In the summer our louvred shutters are able to shade the home, keeping your home cool and comfortable during the higher temperatures.

Bay window shutters

5) White Shutters can make a room feel more spacious

Any shutter style with a white finish is the most popular choice amongst our clients, this is for a variety of reasons. Our white shutters are able to bounce light back into any room, this gives the illusion of a brighter room which also gives the allusion of making the room appear bigger. Another reason white shutters are the most popular is simply white blends seamlessly with any interior colour scheme.

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