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Bay Window Shutters

Bay Window Shutters

There is no denying the popularity of bay window shutters, especially in recent years and among those looking to add privacy to their home in a stylish way. It’s not always easy to find shutters that work well with bay windows, as it’s not a simple case of fitting shutters to a standard shape window, but that doesn’t mean that bay window shutters are completely out of the question. At Wirral Plantation Shutters we have a wide range of plantation shutter options for anyone who wants to add shutters to their bay windows. Thanks to our bay window shutters, your home can boast high quality plantation shutters. 

Popular Plantation Shutters for Bay Windows

Though there are a number of different types of plantation shutters to choose from at Wirral Plantation Shutters, different styles work best for different windows. For many, the preferred styles of shutters for bay windows are full height shutters or cafe shutters. They are very well suited to the unique shape and style of bay windows, more so than some other plantation shutter styles.

  • Cafe Style Shutters – If you are lucky enough to have bay windows, you are sure to want plantation shutters that show them off and have them looking their best. For this, cafe style shutters are a good choice. They are often referred to as half height shutters, as cafe shutters only cover some of the window. You can choose to have cafe style shutters that cover half of the window or two thirds of the window, but not the bay window in its entirety. These plantation shutters work well for bay windows in bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms.
  • Full Height Shutters – If you have bay windows and want plantation shutters that cover them from top to bottom, consider opting for full height shutters. These are popular among those who want a lot of privacy and to be away from prying eyes, whilst also welcoming natural light and brightness into the room. Full height shutters also have the benefit of preventing break ins, as covering the entire window boosts security in a big way. 

A lot of homeowners opt to have plantation shutters on their bay windows and if you want to follow suit, certainly start by taking a look at cafe style shutters and full height shutters. If you want the entire bay window covered, consider full height shutters. If you want only a section of the window covered, consider cafe style shutters. It’s important to choose a shutter style that works well for the unique window shape, and both of these styles tick a lot of boxes.

Bay Window Shutters at Wirral Plantation Shutters

When it comes to choosing bay window shutters, it’s important to seek the help of a professional team of experts. Otherwise, you run the risk of being less than impressed with the finished result. At Wirral Plantation Shutters, we have the experience required to ensure that our customers have high quality and long lasting plantation shutters in their home. All of our bay window shutters are created on a bespoke basis and this is how we guarantee a perfect fit, regardless of the specific size and shape of your window. We create shutters that tick every box. 

Our talented team have been supplying and installing plantation shutters in the North West for many years. To find out more about shutters for bay windows, get in touch today on 07717 153 148 or via the online contact form for a free quotation. The Wirral Plantation Shutters team is always happy to help.


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